The Ministry Center is where we operate the Food, Housing, and Outreach ministries. We are blessed with a 3.85 acre campus near the city center which includes an 80,000 square foot warehouse, loading dock, workshop, event room, coolers, freezer, urban garden, and aquaponic greenhouses. The center provides the opportunity to receive, store, and distribute large quantities of food and other items. Volunteers area at the core of everything we do, and we have opportunities for 1 or 400 in all of our ministries.

The Outreach Ministry focuses on evangelism, providing serving opportunities for volunteers and partnering with local churches, agencies, and city government for community impact. We reach out to under-served communities with initiatives and programs that develop relationships.

The Housing Ministry builds and repairs homes to improve living conditions, restore neighborhoods, and revitalize communities of "the least of these" in the inner city of Birmingham. we partner with churches, businesses, agencies, and volunteers to construct a team to fund and compete the project. While working in the community, we are focused on loving and serving the residents, helping them improve their homes, and encouraging them to create healthier lives spiritually, physically, and socially.

Ministry center

Outreach ministry



Housing ministry

Food Ministry

The Food Ministry provides our partners opportunities to increase the work they are able to do in the community through our ability to purchase large quantities at a low cost, receive large donations from corporate partners, and distribute donations from community and church programs.


connecting resources with needs

Christian Service Mission is committed to loving the underserved and under-resourced people in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. We serve these communities through acts of service by providing spiritual, social, and tangible resources for the purpose of seeing healthy change in the areas we serve. Through relationships we connect communities of resource with communities of need, believing that the local church is the key to lasting change. Christian Service Mission exists to bring together people and resources to change the lives of those in need.