The Housing Ministry builds and repairs homes to improve living conditions, restore neighborhoods, and revitalize communities of "the least of these" within the inner city of Birmingham. We partner with churches, businesses, agencies, and volunteers to construct a team to fund and complete our construction projects. While working in the community, we are focused on loving and serving the residents, helping them to improve their homes, and encouraging them to create healthier lives spiritually, physically, and socially. 

Our partners know that we have the right people to lead and complete these projects. Because of our reputation for quality work and our commitment to community development, we are awarded opportunities to do more throughout the city. We are currently working with ARCH, the city of Birmingham Community Development office, New Rising Star Baptist Church, Wells Fargo, Signature Homes, Drake Homes, and B.L. Harbert to build and rehabilitate houses.

To understand how our Housing Ministry impacts the community, learn about the story of one family CSM helped after a tornado destroyed their home.

Housing Ministry