We work to build healthier communities through food, housing and outreach and we do it from our ministry center located in the city of Birmingham. Each year, thousands of volunteers impact people and communities serving those that God places before us. Through relationships we connect communities of resource with communities of need, believing that the local church is the key to lasting change. 


FOOD MINISTRY:  We distribute over one-million pounds of food to 46+ organizations yearly. Last year, 1,900 voucher boxes were shared with individuals in our partner ministries' care. And this spring, 3,500 students received Compassion Packs through 3 of our partner ministries.

GARDENS:  We have community gardens in fIve city neighborhoods that bring fresh produce into homes and also provide opportunities for volunteering, community interaction, and education for students. Our ministry center is home to an aquaponic greenhouse that not only provides additional produce for our food ministry but also serves as a teaching lab for domestic and international community development. 

HOUSING MINISTRY:  Last year we built 2 new homes, rehabilitated 6 homes, and worked on 22 home projects making homes safer and more livable for city residents. We are currently building 2 new homes that were severely damaged by the 2011 tornadoes. 

OUTREACH MINISTRY:  In 2014, we helped distribute $96,000 worth of resources during Operation WE. 2,500 meals were sponsored, packaged and delivered into homes during our Thanksgiving initiative. 150 children went to Kids Across America camp this June. And, this May, 1,500 moms were honored with gifts and loved on by volunteers in nursing homes around the city.  

VOLUNTEERS:  In 2014, we had 3,400 individual volunteers, 30 church groups from across the US, 10 school groups from elementary through college ages, 3 rehabilitation ministries sending their residents to work with us on a weekly basis, 100 volunteers from local businesses, and 20 weekly volunteers who average 15 hours each week. We could not do all that God has brought before us without each of these volunteers!