Partnership Building

Partnership building is based on our belief that everyone has something they can share as we work together to build healthier communities. We want to walk with those who have a heart and a passion to serve their congregation and their community at the same time. This model of reciprocation has three types of involvement: strategic partners, benevolent partners, and community partners.
Strategic Partners: These are the organizations and individuals that are fully involved in creating healthier communities within our city through the Gospel of Jesus Christ (a “transfor-missional” effort). These partners have a vision for improving the community around them by investing time, talent, and shared resources to make a lasting impact. They provide personal care to those in need – not just goods and services, but caring for the whole person. Benevolent Partners: These are the organizations and individuals who are investing in their own community but also want to partner with others to care for individuals and families in other locations as well. They provide resources, time, talents, and/or skills to further the mission in these communities.

Community Partners: These are the "boots-on-the-ground" organizations and individuals within underserved communities who are in need of strategic and benevolent partners to carry out their calling. They have a vision and desire to reach people who are hurting and struggling and we are able to provide resources, volunteers, and match up partnering churches and individuals to help them meet these needs in their communities.